Smokers Choice is a proud participant in Loyal~n~Save Premium Loyalty Rewards. Whenever you visit one of our stores, make sure to scan your loyalty card or mobile app so that you can save on your next purchase!

Sign up in-store or online, refer friends to your team, and earn points every time you AND your friends shop at Smokers Choice, Vapers Choice, or Munchies locations! Get updates on your teammates, view your point balances, convert your points to in-store cash value, buy swag, and more, all located within the app or online at




Participate in active deals and earn points just by shopping at Smokers Choice stores.


Earn points on eligible purchases. Sign up and earn bonus points for successful referrals, your birthday, and more!


Redeem your points for in-store discounts, coupons, Swag, or for charitable donations.


Invite your friends and family to your Smokers Choice team to earn additional Team Reward Points each time they shop.


Earn bonus points from your Smokers Choice team each time they make a purchase. If your teammates refer friends of their own, you earn even more!


Use your points in the online Swag Shop to score premium merch from the brands you love!

Getting started with Loyal~n~Save is easy! Simply sign up at a participating store, or download the mobile app and register yourself. Once you’ve set up your profile, subscribe to a storefront and sign up for their current deals. Make purchases based off those deals, and rack up the points!

Current Deals

Earn 2X the points when you pay with cash

Earn 0.5% of your total purchase when paying with cash! *exclusions apply.

Tobacco Club

Earn 5% of your purchase in points when you buy any rolling tubes, loose tobacco, or rolling machines.

Vape Club

Earn 5% of your purchase in points when you buy ANY vape products!


  • Sign up with your phone number and/or email

  • Search and subscribe to Smokers Choice, Vapers Choice, and Munchies Convenience

  • Add the deals you want to participate in

  • Make purchases based on those deals

  • Refer friends and earn extra points off their purchases

  • Redeem points for in-store cash value, coupons, or swag


Loyal~n~Save is our loyalty program where you can earn points from your purchases, and invite friends to be on your store team to earn even more.

You can join by signing up in store, online at, or through the mobile app. You will need an email address and phone number to complete the process.

To earn points, subscribe to Smokers Choice on Loyal~n~Save and check out the ongoing deals. Make purchases and invite your friends to your team so you can earn a percentage of points off their purchases too! You’ll also receive bonus points for things like birthdays, challenges, and games.

You can use your points as money off in store or to purchase items in the online Swag Shop. The Swag Shop carries all kinds of items and products that will be shipped to you.

Your points will never expire, however, your account may go inactive if you do not make a purchase within 4 months (120 days). Once you use your Loyal~n~Save card at a Smokers Choice store, your account will become active again and you will continue earning as if nothing ever happened.

Teams are the friends and family that you refer to each individual store. The people you refer directly will be put in your first tier. When your first tier recruits friends of their own, those recruited members will become your second tier. When your second tier refers their friends, those recruits will become your third tier, and so on and so forth. All the way down to five tiers, you’ll earn a percentage of everyone’s points made at that store.

To invite someone to your team, open the Loyal~n~Save mobile app and you will find a Scan Code on your home screen. Present this to the person you want to join teams with. If you are scanning another person’s code, select “Scanner” in your app’s menu bar. Scanning this code will automatically add that person to your team.

In addition to a referral bonus, you’ll also earn a percentage of their points each time they shop. The percentages are as follows:

  1. Tier 1: 50%
  2. Tier 2: 25%
  3. Tier 3: 15%
  4. Tier 4: 10%
  5. Tier 5: 5%

You can earn points on every purchase, except on the following items: cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, lottery, alcohol. Those items are blacklisted by state laws.

Soon RJ Reynolds offers will be integrated into Loyal~n~Save as one easy platform. As of now, you will still need to sign up with Loyal~n~Save separately from the RJ Reynolds program.

Sign up online

No app? No problem. You can access all of your rewards right from your browser.